Values & Approach

Mazza Strategy operates with the firm belief that momentum matters. Our high-energy processes bring forward fresh perspectives; align and excite stakeholders around clear and focused direction; and provide a detailed roadmap to move forward.

We specialize in organizations that

1) seek to create meaningful social change;

2) are in a moment of opportunity, often transitioning from one lifecycle stage to another; and

3) are ready to capitalize and build on their current momentum and go beyond.

We feel your external environment matters—and so does how you choose to interact with it. Rather than passively looking to “fill a gap,” we encourage organizational leaders to consider how they can work in tandem with others to move beyond their mission (an organization’s unique role) and expedite the realization of their societal vision (which is shared with others). Furthermore, we actively examine ways in which an organization can leverage thought leadership, partnerships, and coordinated efforts to push their impact beyond their direct touch.

We form deep partnerships with our clients. Mazza Strategy’s streamlined team is predicated on having a close working relationship with leadership throughout the engagement. This takes the form of regular check-ins which go beyond logistical updates and are used as unique opportunities to share and process data in real-time, hypothesize together, and strategize on everything from how best to engage specific stakeholders in the process, to visualizing the outcomes of various strategic paths.

We practice anti-racism. Regardless of your organization’s mission, a strong organization is a racially just organization. Your ability to do your best work and accomplish your goals will be impacted by how you design equitable, supportive systems that engage participants, staff, board, and external partners in meaningful ways. Mazza Strategy’s processes are informed by an anti-racist lens and encourage participants to examine the organization’s approach, policies and procedures, and capacities to disrupt the inherent racism in existing systems and mentalities.

We believe in fun. Our processes are rigorous, dig deep, and get the work done—and seek to create and build upon joy. We take the time to design thoughtful and momentous meetings that help participants work with open minds, do their best thinking, and come to new realizations. Our facilitation style pulls from a variety of methods and seeks to keep meetings on track and leverage different modes of thinking and interaction to promote engagement, unity, and an enjoyable experience.