Organizational Effectiveness

Organizational effectiveness requires clarity and alignment of mission and programs; strong organizational infrastructure and capacity to support the delivery of those programs and services; and a diverse and sustainable business model to fuel the organization. All of these occur within and rely on an organization’s culture and values.

A clear understanding of organizational effectiveness guides our work and is built into to each of our services. Mazza Strategy can help you identify and prioritize your organizational effectiveness needs, coach leadership and staff on how to move forward necessary change, provide direct implementation support, and link you with additional expertise as needed.

Our core services are Strategic Planning, Strategy Refresh, Leadership Coaching, Board Development, and Capacity Coaching, which includes many of the services outlined below. While Mazza Strategy has an informed approach, we are always excited to partner with our clients and tailor every project to your specific needs. Not sure which service is right for your organization right now? Contact us for an exploratory discussion.

organizational effectiveness

Values & Culture: Even the best strategies, structures, and processes will faulter in an organization that is not clear on its values and does not have a healthy organizational culture. Articulating a shared set of values among staff can increase unity and serve as a foundation to build the culture you desire. A strong culture that embraces learning, supports risk-taking, and assures equity can increase an organization’s productivity, ability to imagine new pathways to build its desired future, and unleash the potential of a well-supported, retained workforce.

How we can help: organizational capacity building to build and sustain organizational values and culture; leadership coaching; and implementation support to ensure consistency of values throughout organizational practices and approach.

Mission Achievement: Does your mission speak clearly and provide you with an adequate sense of direction? Do your programs and approach align to your mission? How do you know you are making progress towards your mission? How clear are you about the assumptions and intentions behind the programs or strategies you implement to reach your intended outcomes? How well integrated and mutually reinforcing are your various programs or strategies?

How we can help: strategic planning, theory of change; outcomes tracking; data reflection; and other methods to increase alignment, measurement, and impact.

Organizational Capacity: Do you have the necessary infrastructure and organizational capacities in place to support your mission-focused work? Do your policies, and practices build and promote equity and effectiveness? Have you identified ways to include all staff and unleash potential? Do your administrative functions appropriately intersect with and support your programs and services? Do you have the management practices, systems, and technology required to deliver your programs and services?

How we can help: organizational assessment with recommendations focused on capacity building investments that are right-sized and sequenced to address current lifecycle and organizational needs; assessing and addressing management needs and providing leadership coaching and modeling; supporting leaders to effectively implement and manage change.

Business Model: How efficiently do you manage staff and resources towards the achievement of your mission? Do your financial drivers align with and support your program model and approach and desired organizational culture? Do you understand the true cost of your services?

How we can help: Mazza Strategy can help you identify your specific needs and link with critical experts to support you in financial assessment and planning; enterprise risk management; business planning and building internal systems to ensure the ability to create and monitor useful data on the organization’s financial health. Book a free consultation today!

organizational effectiveness