Mazza Strategy partners with social sector leaders to create a more just, equitable, and sustainable world.

Social Sector leaders work with Mazza Strategy to clarify their intended impact, identify levers to accelerate success, hone their strategic thinking and build the capacity of their organizations—from staff to board.

Mazza Strategy facilitates thoughtful, engaging processes that stimulate and re-energize stakeholders, build alignment, and leave organizations stronger and more effective. We provide strategic planning, strategy refresh, strategy coaching, scenario & contingency planning, board development, and organizational effectiveness support.

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“How the Social Sector will Shape the Post-Coronavirus Future”

Finding Hope in the Moment of Coronavirus

We are all struggling to take in and adjust to the current reality. There are terrible things happening to countless individuals, families, and communities as the coronavirus hits. There are also countless innovations-big and small-happening all around us.
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